Spirit U All (TM) - "The journey from becoming to being”

Spirit U All (TM)  - "The journey from becoming to being”

A serene evening saw a unique event of Spirit-u-all unfold at 1408 conference space in Powai. The founder of Aashwasan and spiritual scientist Rashmi Aiyappa graced the occasion to take people through an experiential journey into themselves. She brought out the deeper dimensions of a human life, which people do not experience any longer. Amidst laughter, reflection and introspection, people found answers to some of the unanswered and un articulated experiences of life.

A lot of people who carried sadness due to loss of a loved one, came with a deep pain. Their sadness gave way to peace and resolution. After the session, participants stayed back to connect with Rashmi Aiyappa one on one. A life transforming evening, marked a new beginning for all present. Many expressed that they felt calm and could make peace with unpleasant events of their life.

The event was hosted by Aashwasan Foundation. It was founded by Rashmi Aiyappa in year 2006, who brought forward Aashwasan ScienceTM based on her discoveries. The main aim of the Foundation is to render community services to enhance the quality of life by using techniques of Aashwasan ScienceTM. These techniques holistically diagnose, treat, prevent, counsel and empower individuals and groups.Aashwasan Office:


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