SPEEDLABS: 21st Century Education – A Transition from Traditional to Personalized

SPEEDLABS: 21st Century Education – A Transition from Traditional to Personalized

The idea for SpeedLabs is to deliver an effective “Personalized and Interactive learning for each student” through a new age methodology. SpeedLabs is founded a team of IITians, led by Vivek Varshney, who is B. Tech from IIT Kanpur, MBA from IIM Lucknow, and an Investment Banking / Private Equity professional for 10 years.

As the modern societies evolve in the new century, our children’s needs are undergoing a transformation. Our learning behavior is a well-researched topic (if you google Learning Pyramid and Bloom’s Two Sigma). It tells that Practice under Personal Guidance can significantly increase your learning and performance in exams.

SpeedLabs at a glance:

  • Learn through Practice (because we learn much lesser from traditional Lecture)
  • Personal Attention to Each Student (small batches ONLY 10)
  • Face-to-face and one-to-one interaction between student and teacher (not Online)
  • Top quality faculty (IITians)
  • Every student learns at his/her pace; and fixes conceptual gaps
  • We tell each student about their exact areas of improvement
  • Best-in-class learning solution system for Practice

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More and more studies indicate that students want to participate in their learning, not just receive instruction. They want to learn by discovery rather than memory, apply it in practice, analyse their understanding, and discuss what they don’t understand. In traditional classrooms, students have a passive role in learning process. When you ACTIVELY ENGAGE the children that is when the real learning takes place.

In a traditional classroom for the “masses” where teaching is just “transmission” of information, students lack individual focus. Personalized attention with more face-to-face time with a teacher makes the academic outcome MORE EFFECTIVE.  As our children become more tech savvy, our classrooms need to leverage technology in meaningful ways to make an impact on the learning process. Digitizing content allows easy access; learning activities can be customized to meet individual needs, and students’ performance can be easily tracked. Use of technology makes the learning process MORE EFFICIENT.

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The modern day classroom needs to be different from that of the past. Teaching should be student-centric, not teacher centric. Teachers no longer function as lecturers, but rather as facilitators of learning – helping students on where and how to get the right knowledge. Teachers need to make the learning process more participatory, embrace technology to assess wider student groups while at the same time give personal attention to each student.

Contact Details:

SpeedLabs: 106, 1st Floor, Lake Primrose, Powai 400076   Landmark: Above Eagle Boys Pizza shop

www.speedlabs.in www.facebook.com/speedlabsindia

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