Spandan Foundation celebrates Bengali New Year.

15th April 2015 heralded the beginning of the new year in the Bengali calendar. The year 1422. Bengalis around the world celebrate this day as ‘Poila Boishakh’, greeting one another with “Shubho Naba Borsho”, the Bengali version of “Happy New Year”.

Spandan Foundation, with its strong community of members, celebrated the advent of the New Year last Saturday at Norita Grounds in Hiranandani Gardens, Powai. Doing what Bengalis do best, the evening witnessed a bevy of cultural performances spanning Bengal’s folk dances, Tagore’s songs, recitations of poems written by Bengal’s popular poets, talk theatre and an eclectic mix of songs and dances showcasing Bengal’s contribution to cinema. Celebrity chef Ranveer Brar and famous food blogger, Rushina M. Ghildiyal, graced the event, enjoyed it thoroughly and spoke highly about it too. The evening wrapped up with the next thing Bengalis do best – eat good food over long sessions of Adda! Thereby, successfully, keeping alive the sense of belonging to one’s roots, ensuring the younger generation’s continual baptism and acquaintance of the rich cultural and literary heritage, and grooming them to run ahead with the baton in the days, years ahead….

Spandan Foundation is a socio-cultural organization that has made it mark in Mumbai’s cultural and literary landscape through its much-loved Mumbai Book Fair, themed Sharadotsav and its frequent socially-relevant charitable endeavours.