Crystals in the Rough

INTRO: Crystal jewellery that is accessible to the everyday woman of substance.
You have admired them while window shopping but have never had the courage to actually purchase them because of the exorbitant price tag. Now, you can actually purchase exquisite crystal jewellery at affordable prices that are as beautiful (if not more than) the polished, branded ones because these crystals are in their natural and purest form.
Meet crystal jewellery expert Vaisalli Ghosh who has channelled her passion for crystals using her creativity to design rustic, out of the box, earthy fashion jewellery, a unique signature collection of beautiful gold plated jewellery studded with natural crystals for both women and men. “The best thing about crystals is that they are neutral stones and do not interfere with birth stones or other stones people might wear for religious or for reasons of faith,” Vaisalli clears this misconception outright.

photoInterestingly, Vaisalli was never really interested in jewellery except developing a passion for polished crystal jewellery. “I am not a jewellery person. I would travel to Delhi a lot for work and it was at the airport that I would spend a fortune buying crystal jewellery, I was just attracted to crystals. Then later, a friend from London introduced me to crystals in natural form. Before that, I had seen citrine and rose quartz in polished form and they never fascinated me. But when I saw in them in their natural and pure form, I was fascinated,” recalls Vaisalli. Being an internet savvy person she instantly researched the crystals and before she knew it she started buying as many as she could.
What sets apart Vaisalli’s crystal jewellery is that all the crystals are sourced by Vaisalli from abroad. Vaisalli has studied the meanings and information about the various types of crystals that allows her to know the real ones from the fakes.  The jewellery is handcrafted and designed by Vaisalli and each one looks different. No piece is repeated twice which gives it added exclusivity. “Because it is hand crafted, we don’t change the shape of the crystal. If someone requests for 50 pieces of the same shape, I will not be able to do that,” says Vaisalli.
Vaisalli also makes brass artefacts studded with crystals, the latter which are not available anywhere else in the world. Rough crystal wear is catching on in the west as well. “When my foreign clients come, I don’t have to sell it to or educate them. They are so into rough crystals and are aware of their value and know what they want,” says Vaisalli.

[quote]“My crystals were born out of the belief that each individual is a soul and it is what your soul wants to wear. Rumi said, ‘What matters is how quickly you do what your soul wants’. I truly believe my soul guided me to crystals and they have truly added that sparkle that was missing in my life,” says Vaisalli.[/quote] 

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