Meet Cdr. Richard Clarke, somebody cares about traffic menace in hiranandani gardens.

We all perennially crib about the traffic woes in powai, but what can we do? we are all utterly helpless!!! the number of cars are increasing exponentially, the infrastructure cannot support, the roads are being encroached and then we have super hero drivers in Hiranandani gardens called “call center drivers”.  Meet COMMODORE Richard Clarke, you must have seen this tall, fair ex-services man with a mustache to brag and wondered, why the heck does he stand at these traffic blocks, and directs the drivers to tow the line? that is because he actually cares and wants to give back to the community.

A ex-navy man, he says ‘ His idle time is best put to use here.” I was surprised to find him standing in the rain on Sunday evening at eden market the other day so I joined him in managing traffic, as he addressed errant drivers to take a U-turn and not to break the “No entry” law. Check the short video interview I could manage of him.