At Powai’s MHADA Colony, residents get full marks on their opinions on local issues requiring political intervention. But that does not translate into either any motivation to exercise their franchise or any awareness on who’s contesting from their constituency.

“A few days ago, I was not aware of who is contesting the election from our constituency. There have been no political rallies or large campaigns and it’s through the media that I have been keeping myself updated on what the candidates from my constituency have been promising,” said Yogendra Thakur, an income tax official who stays in one of the flats.

While congestion-causing traffic on the Powai roads is what Thakur wants the elected candidate to resolve, Thakur’s wife Jyoti sheepishly retorted that she isn’t aware of what issues lie unresolved in her neighbourhood. “At present, I am not sure whom I am going to vote for,” she said. Several housewives in the colony said that the elected representatives should look into the local issues plaguing the constituency. “There is metal manhole cover in the middle of the road which makes a clanging noise whenever a vehicle passes over it. For seven years now we have been bearing the incessant noise day in and day out,” said Rachna Narkar, a housewife who runs a crèche. Inconvenience due to cuddling couples at the upcoming Powai garden, lack of 24-hour water supply, rise of petty crimes and a ‘safe city for children’ were some of the other issues that the residents want the victorious candidate to look into.

Meanwhile, residents of as many as 50 flats of MHADA Building no 9, the Powai Cosmopolitan Society, are facing an identity crisis of sorts which they feel will render them unable to vote. “Our building was earlier a part of the Northeast constituency and now has been incorporated into the Northcentral. But the name of our building is not listed anywhere. We have been shuttling between the constituency offices but haven’t been able to find our names on the list,” said S S Kalsi, a retired Electricity Board employee.

Aiswarya-A Expressindia