Sighted 3 Leopard cubs on wall of MTS campus near Raheja Vihar

Sighted 3 Leopard cubs on wall of MTS campus near Raheja Vihar

There have been incidents of Leopard cubs sightings in and around Raheja Vihar very recently. Some construction workers have conformed the same. The last time the leopards created havoc was in dec 2003.

[quote]Share photos on twitter with TwitpicI hope the relevant authorities take immediate action and relieve the citizens of the fear of mother leapard in this case. Here is a picture of a Notice put on one of societies of Raheja Vihar powai. Thanks for @shivoo on twitter for sharing the same.[/quote]


Mili Gandhi says


[quote]Friends – the experts and the Field Director are already tracking the movement of this mother and her 3 cubs. Some points to keep in mind, that you may share with your staff as well. We need to learn how to live with animals, without creating a panic situation. The cubs are not very young, but are quite fearless of humans while the mother is still wild and hides when approached. The cubs are used to people and will not run away when confronted. 1. STEP OUT of home after 6 pm with a torch if you live in that area. 2. DO NOT send small kids out to play unattended or with careless staff after 7 PM. Lights will scare away the animal and it will back off. This is a classical outcome of what happens when man starts intruding on nature’s bounty. Let Powai be a shining example of Unity in Diversity and Harmony with Nature. The same family was spotted last week in Aarey Colony. For those who are unaware – over a span of 5-6 years 40 leopards/panthers were trapped from the adjoining areas of Borivili National Park and ALL DIED prematurely in a cage! MLA’s, vote banks and the real estate crawl have reduced our patience and ability to co-exist to ZERO.Please contact Dr. Anish Andheria, Director, Wildlife Conservation Trust – 9920100411. He has been briefed about the matter. CALL HIM ONLY IF THERE IS A SIGHTING. Since he has various other things to handle 🙂[/quote]