In BMC elections it is not only Thackeray brothers who are fighting a political war with each other… there is another family who is facing this political battle. In Powai, Ward No. 115 is witnessing contest between two brothers – Bhawani alias Lallu Sharma and Chandan Sharma.

Since last 15 years, Sharma family is getting elected from this ward. NCP leader and well- known businessman Chandan Sharma, won twice from this ward and after it was reserved for women in 2007, his wife Charu Sharma contested and got elected.

Sharma family is the owner of most of the land in Powai. They are also owners of Supreme Infrastructure Company which has contracts in all important cities in the country. The family was hoping that after a term of 15 years, Chandan would gradually become MLA or MLC and would pave the way for his cousin elder brother Bhawani Sharma ( 65 years). But as Chandan failed to move upward despite money power and influence in the NCP, serious discontent emerged in the family.

Bhawani Shankar finally decided to contest against Chandan, who is now NCPs official candidate.

Using his close relations in the BJP, Bhawani Shankar got a ticket from BJP. The elder brother is confident that anti- incumbency factor against his younger brother would ensure his victory.

Ironically, the Sharma family does not want the contest between the two brothers to affect family relations. Both brothers are therefore refraining from making any personal attacks against each other.

Ward profile

The Ward consists mainly of 60 per cent slums like Suryanagar, Chandan Nagar, Indira Nagar. Therefore money power plays an important role in victory. Chandan has promised beautification of Powai lake, but was not fully successful. Locals allege that most of the land in Powai area was owned by the Sharmas and they got spaces like grounds, parks etc dereserved for personal gains. In slum areas, lack of toilets and loss of life and property due to landslides, are key issues which have not been attended to satisfactorily.

Voter profile

Total voters – 35,073 Male voters – 19365 Female voters – 15708 Muslims- 2500 North Indian – 20 % South Indian – 10% SC & ST- 25%

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The article was written by PRAMOD CHUNCHUWAR for the The Free Press Journal 

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