Shri Sharad Pawar, ex Corporator and husband of sitting Corporator Smt Smita Pawar held a meeting with Powai Citizens’ Movement members and residents of Powai Vihar, Vijay Vihar, Lake Home and Raheja Vihar on Sunday, 10th January 2015 in response to letters submitted for immediate action against poor roads along Powai Vihar Complex.

Shri Sharad Pawar has agreed to provide a temporary solution to getting the road repaired including the patch in front of Vijay Vihar, even though it dues not come under his jurisdiction.  He promised that by next Sunday, 17th January 2015 the potholes and craters will be filled.

He also promised that he has taken up the issue with MCGB under section 63 and once the same is approved the complete stretch of Powai Vihar Complex road will be redone by end March 2017.

We thank him for his assurances and are looking forward to seeing better roads in Powai Vihar