In an exclusive meeting with ‘Planet Powai’ the Zone ‘X’ Dy Commissioner of Police KMM Prasanna said, “There is no reason to panic, we have taken the threat seriously and swung into action to locate the IP address of the email sender. The police are taking all measures for security. I would appeal to each and every citizen to be cautious and alert. The

y should report any suspicious person to us immediately. Without public cooperation our task would become difficult.”

Are we on terror target? A serial blast threat email received on the 14th Feb night on by an unknown person sent from has sent the authorities in a spin. The email went unnoticed until Monday on the 16th when it was discovered. The Hiranandani group’s admin dept immediately reported the matter to Powai police and Zone X Deputy Commissioner of Police.

The said email states, “A person, who goes by the name “JJ” stays as a paying guest at one of the buildings in the complex (Hiranandani Gardens), is the local contact for terrorists. He has taken the terrorists around and shown them all the sites. He had helped terrorists get blueprints of several buildings in the complex. As soon as things are in place he (JJ) will move out and the blasts will take place.”

Speaking to Niranajan Hiranandani, he said, “Though the email seems to be a bogus one, we are not dismissing it. We have taken the matter with highest level in police and investigations have started to track the sender. The Cyber Crime Cell will definitely be able to uncover the same. However, I would like inform all residents and more than 40 societies in the complex to intensify their security and remain vigilant, it is the alertness at the micro-level that is going to work. I would appeal to residents not to panic and be cooperative with the police.”

While speaking to the DCP he revealed that the police have issued instructions to all CHS in Powai jurisdiction to list out residents by name in their respective housing societies, now it shall be enforced. People renting out flats will have to inform police, this is being made mandatory as it would entail police verification. He could not reveal any further progress in the investigation at this stage but maintained they would be able to nab the email sender with the help of Cyber Crime Cell of Mumbai Police. It would be too premature to rule out any thing.

Not only that, he emphasised the support of residents in reporting suspicious movement of persons, their identity and doubtful items or vehicles in any area. He maintains, no doubt intelligence is being beefed up in the area but it has to be complemented with public support.

Speaking to a veteran resident of Hiranandani Gardens (name withheld) said, “Living in such terror times, life can be risky. We would like our builder and the police to show some visible signs to beef up overall security measures in the complex. I recommend armed patrolling by police with mobile phones to be contacted through control. The builder should increase his mobile security force and make it 24×7. They should be provided with jeeps too for quick response. Private detectives should be put on under cover job to gather intelligence in the area.”

It may be recalled, a few years back in Kashmir some photographs of Hiranandani Gardens were recovered from an arrested terrorist. Apparently, he had done recce of this complex. That time too intelligence was beefed by police up for the security of the complex.

The Hiranandani Gardens today has some 43 residential buildings with approx 30,000 people staying in them and more than a dozen commercial buildings where approx 25,000 work. With its cosmopolitan flavour and profile of residents and offices, it has gained an international reputation to be Mumbai’s iconic address. This could always give the terrorists a good target

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