Yogita Rao

As students prepare for their board exams, we bring them tips on improving studying techniques from several experts. Principal of Gopal Sharma Memorial School in Powai, Gool Gadhiali, says that reading textbooks is a must for ICSE students. She also talks about the common mistakes students do and how to avoid it.

Are there any reference books that you can suggest for last-minute preparations for ICSE students?
Students should read their text books thoroughly. Nothing can help more than their textbooks. As most of the papers are objective-based, it has become easier for students. Also, students can also access the internet if they need additional information on certain topics.

Can students indulge in selective learning?

If the student is not an average student, selective study (skipping certain topics which are difficult) can be done. Solving as many papers as possible could be of great help for ICSE students. It will cover the entire syllabus.

Are there any subjects in particular which students neglect?
Students tend to neglect languages, English in particular. They are over-confident about the language, as they are good at speaking English. However, they are not good at literature and grammar and they end up scoring less marks in languages. They should give equal time to all their subjects and not just focus on Mathematics and Science.

Any general tips for students and parents?
You should follow a well-planned time table for the last two months, where the entire portion is divided equally. Try and adhere to it. You should cut down on last minute tuitions. Self study should be given more importance. Parents should be supportive and not indulge in nagging and comparing their kids to others.

Students should cut down on their telephonic conversations, where they end up spending hours. Recreational activities should be given equal importance. Listening to music, yoga and meditation helps.

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