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The next screening is scheduled at Mocha Powai. Please find below
details for the same:
Francois Truffaut’s
Colour, 1960, 80 mins
GENRE: Drama/ Thriller/ Romance
LANGUAGE: French/ English
CAST: Jean-pierre Leaud, Philippe Leotard, Jane Lobre, Kika Markham,
Marie Mansart
SYNOPSIS: Charlie Kohler is the quiet, absent-minded pianist at
Plyne’s Bistro. His brother is in trouble with some crooks and takes
refuge in the bar. Léna, the waitress, is in love with Charlie and
knows about his past as a celebrated concert pianist that ended with
his wife Thérésa’s suicide. When the gangsters kidnap Charlie’s kid
brother, he stumbles headlong into the criminal underworld. Based on
the novel ‘Down There’ by David Goodis.
DATE: 4th January 2009
VENUE: Mocha Powai
TIME: 12pm to 2pm
SEATING: Free Seating on a first come first serve basis.
ENTRY: Free Entry on invitation only. (The invites are available at
all mocha outlets in Mumbai)
For further details contact: 2309 9349 Ext: 212, or write to us at
Mocha Film Club has screenings on the 1st Sunday of every month at any
1 Mocha outlet in Mumbai.
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