We recently got our mattresses, pillows and sofa sanitization services by Germ Buster, didn't realize that these could house so many germs and so much of dust. I am allergic to dust and now i know what to do every few months for my allergy. Germ buster is one direct solution for dust mites and sanitization of your upholstery and mattresses.

Germ Busters –Sanitization services

Germ Busters is a chemical free and completely non-toxic process to getting rid of all the hidden dust.

Their service follows a 3 step process of Vacuuming, UV cleaning and steaming to have your space completely germ free.

It is advised that we get our mattresses and sofas sanitized every 6 months to avoid any dust allergies and maintain healthy environment at home.

Bed Sanitization services

Dust Mites

Our home is the most comforting and safest place for us; we cannot control the air and pollution outside, while we ensure that are homes are clean and shining bright, more often than not we ignore the areas that do the most harm.

Dust mites are miniscule, these thrive on the house dust, moisture and dead human skin. While they make your home their own, here are some ways these can harm you and your family. Dust mites are one of the main reasons for most allergies.

Sofa Sanitization services

Dust/ Dust Mite allergy symptoms

1. Runny nose

2. Stuffy blocked nose

3. Red, itchy and teary eyes

4. Trigger asthma and other breathing issues

5. Skin rashes

6. In some cases dust and dust mite allergy can lead to fever too.

Can you guess the favourite and most conducive places in your house where these dust mites reside and multiply?

Well it is your own bed/mattresses, pillows, sofa, carpets and curtains!!

While our cleaning schedule may include daily dusting, and our deep cleaning may be frequent but we ignore our mattresses, pillows and sofa.

What can you do about Dust mites? How can you avoid the onset of allergy?

If you have dust allergy, here are a few things can practice to keep Dust Mites at bay

1. Changing bedsheets every week

2. Sanitizing your home espècially the mattresses, pillows, sofa and carpets twice a year. Germbuster has complete home sanitizing solution.

3. Vacuuming your sofa/bed once in a month

4. Have as few carpets as possible

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