They launched their first Sandbox facility in Chandivali, Powai and there has been no looking back since then. Puja Das and Abhisha Shrivastava, alumni from IIT Bombay and ISB Hyderabad, are on a mission to support working women across India by building a reliable childcare system. The efforts started last year, when they launched the first Sandbox Daycare and Early Learning Centre in Raheja Vihar, Chandivali, Powai, that has received an overwhelming response ( After their successful efforts in Raheja Vihar, they are now expanding to Hiranandani, Powai. Sandbox is supported by IIM Ahmedabad faculty, Prof Sunil Handa’s famous Eklavya School, ranked 1st in Gujarat and well known in educational circles for its revolutionary teaching approach (

0 – 5 years is a critical age span when a child’s brain develops by 90%. It is during this crucial stage when a child picks up important social, emotional & physical rules of behavior from the environment. Sandbox realizes the importance of nurturing a child’s mind at this stage, and through a well-researched curriculum, provides a rich environment where the child embraces music, dance, games, puzzles and numbers, team-work, friendship, love and more.

Puja and Abhisha, with help of Eklavya, have developed an innovative curriculum to address a child’s needs. These activities cover not just motor skills, cognitive skills, language-communication and socio-emotional skills, but also uses all three styles of learning – looker, mover and listener. Their loving and trained professionals ensure personalised attention to each child with a fantastic adult to child ratio of 1:2 for infants and 1:5 for toddlers.

In today’s world, with the joint family system giving way to nuclear working families, parents have very few options for quality child-care. Traditional daycares and nannies who only ‘keep’ the children or who just engage them cannot provide the versatile exposure that the growing mind of a young child requires. Sandbox is a perfect solution for such families to ensure a rich childhood for their children.

Having had a rich exposure at IIT, ISB & multinationals, these young women realize the need of today’s parents, their children & understand the challenge they face. Their solution, Sandbox, takes care of the child’s needs at an age when it’s required the most and in ways that benefit the most. Sandbox opens the child’s mind to limitless possibilities where a strong foundation at an early age provides the confidence to communicate, freedom to express, & the courage to chalk out a path full of imagination.

Sandbox’s new facility at Hiranandani is all set to launch on 18th June 2017, Sunday. Do visit them with your little ones!

Address – 507, Wing C (Corporate Wing), Powai Plaza, Gate near Hakone, Hiranandani, PowaiContact – 9833171510 / 9820685186

Make sure you visit them on their launch this Sunday (18 June 2017) anytime between 9 am and 8 pm.