My Fiancee’ and me were on a stroll out at Powai on Saturday evening. Not liking the idea of waiting outside the queue for PizzaHut, we decided to try Saffron Spice just above PizzaHut. The little
glass elevator was impressive at the entrance. The interiors and the decor was OK. The menu ’’HeavyLoaded’’ with varities all over India.

We settled on Squids(Butter Garlic) and Chicken Hawaiin Salad for starters and Thai Prawns Curry and Steam Rice for MainCourse. Honestly, Food was excellent though Service was a bit Lousy.

Finally the four figure Invoice arrived for 2 of us (Ain’t that a bit expensive). I happened to check it before my fiancee’ could Swipe through!! Price on Menu altogether different than on the Invoice. On inquring the same, we were informed that the rates on Menu was printed incorrectly..Oh Wow!!! Is this what we call Business Strategy or making Easy money or maybe deceiving customers!!! Even though we were not convinced and not justified as well we parted with the amount on the invoice and made a move and there was no manager in sight just a plain ’’Sorry’’ from the staff!!

Just as we were about to exit, we found a small kinda sale(vases, pots and jeweller box) on the Exit Door. Forgetting the bitter experience of the Bill behind, I was impressed with this Lovely Vase tagged with a Price tag at bottom quoting Rs 400/-
Keen on my current interest (Both of us recently have bought a house and are busy with the interiors and Decor for the same) we checked with the Manager about this Vase…

Not to our Surprise the Manager quoted Rs 700/- for the same. (hey do we need to check our eyesight or do we need to go back to kindergarten to learn 1234!!! I never knew Rs 400/- could also be Rs 700/- ) Well my Fiancee sarcastically asked the Manager if he could tear off the Price Tag. Shamelessly the manager nodded his head without saying a word!!

The awesome food somehow left a bitter taste due to the worst experience with the Lousy Service, Staff and Manager!!!