Link: Saffron Spice, Powai, Mumbai, Bar, Lounge, Restaurant on burrp! Mumbai.

Saffron & Spice
Cuisine- Indian
Location : Powai, Hirananadani, next to Pizza Hut

This is probably one of few restaurants in Mumbai which qualifies itself to be called an Indian restaurant, coz it serves dishes from different Indian cuisines eg Mangalorean, Maharashrtrian etc. Apart from Indian it also has a decent choice of continental food ranging from pasta to sizzlers and sandwiches

Ambience- The restaurant has a very classy minimalist ambience, French windows with drapping curtains, spacious seating and minimalist décor with few Indian artifacts on display and very good lighting. It also has a very interesting open lift which gets you to the restaurant.

Food: There is a good choice of food, the menu is also created in an interesting manner. Soups and Shwaramas (from Rs 65- 80) are a good way to start the meal. The veg and Nonveg soups are quite good if you’re looking for something light. Indian starters platter offer all the Indian starters ranging from the Paneer Tikka, Kabbabs one made out of channa and the other with roti is quite good (Rs 350).The portion size is also good. Vegetables are good and so is the choice of the rotis, the appam and vegetable stew south Indian (Rs 275) makes a good meal. However the veg sizzler at Rs 250 was very disappointing with hardly any vegetables and filled with cutlets and very little noodles. The veg pasta with red sauce was all right.

Although we didn’t try any of cocktails or mocktails they seem to have a good choice, they also have a lounge bar next door

Service- The service is friendly and quick

My recommendation – Good place to go if you have a group of friends or family who have diverse food interests. It makes it an ideal place to celebrate with family and friends or for a quiet romantic meal.