I happen to live across Golden Oak and on my evening walks, i suddenly saw a police van opposite Golden Oak Bldg along with some residents and Hiranandani Commandos. I immedialtely knew this was something about the balloon war which has been going on since yesterday. I had been lucky yesterday, as I had avoided getting hit in the cross-fire between the war raged by the 2 buildings on the either side.

I joined the group of residents/commando’s/policemen to understand what had happened. Incidently the over enthusiastic kids of Golden Oak building had thrown a ballon at a guy called Sunil Patel from Walkeshwar who was on a kinetic bike. I hear him explaining to the police that he is a network marketer and on marketing calls.

Mr. Sunil Patel got so angry at the kids, that he got down from his kinetic and started pelting stones at the kids, the kids retaliated by throwing another ballon on him. Fortunately none of the kids were injured by the stone pelting Mr. Sunil indulged in, but one car belonging to a resident of Golden Oak, Mr. Jai Talwar, a baleno,(MH01-NA30910) was badly damaged. I saw the dents caused by the stones, if it would have got into one of the kid, the kid would have been gravely injured.Also it clearly seems that if the balloon thrown by the kids had hit Mr. Patel, he would have fallen from his bike, and would have been seriously injured, maybe a call center Sumo would have run over him.

The reaction by Mr. Patel, is also highly disturbing, if  his stones had found the right target we would have a had a inrevocable damage. Some of the pedestrians who watched the incident told me that Mr. Patel was throwing huge stones, whatever he could lay his hands on, there are were people who said that the kids were at fault and then there were others who said Mr. Sunil Patel was a disturbed man.

The kids on the other hand have to be explained that throwing balloons at pedestrians or bikers is apparently very dangerous.

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Have a safe and Happy Holi 🙂