Hangla is a Bengali slang word that’s used playfully to express gluttony. The owner Mr. Ghosh says that the name represents Bengali street fare.
Mr. U. Dasgupta, former chef, Taj President, has joined forces with Hangla’s. They have recruited chefs that are direct descendents of the cooks who used to whip up meals for the royal families of Calcutta.The must-try takeaways here are the kati rolls, biryani, kasa, Moghlai parathas and caramel custard. Mr. Ghosh also tells me that Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar termed the biryani as ‘lip-smacking good’. This takeaway joint has a fan following in the suburbs.

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Mr. Ghosh staffs his restaurants with descendants of families who cooked for the Mughals. They turn out tender mutton and chicken rolls, spiced with fresh lime juice, red onion, finely chopped green chili, and salt (60 to 70 rupees, about $1.30 to $1.50) –- add an egg to your parantha (flatbread) for another five rupees. Or try the aromatic, saffron-tinged biryani — a rice dish with chicken or mutton — served Kolkata-style with potatoes and a boiled egg (70 to 80 rupees for a half-portion, easily enough for one person).

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One of the best of its kind in Mumbai, it’s a great substitute for a Frankie when you are lusting for a quick snack. This chain of stalls that specialises in Bong street food has opened shop in the suburb that, until now, had homesick Bengali residents driving down to Lokhandwala to sample its fare. The Mutton Roll ( Rs 70) is tops with the Double Chicken Roll ( Rs 95) coming in second; it had at least 10 pieces of chicken plus veggies! Vegetarians should ask for a Paneer Roll ( Rs 65) or the plain and simple Egg version ( Rs 30).
The Bengali slang word for “ glutton”, Hangla’s stays true to its name. The sparse menu makes up in substance with reasonably priced kebabs, momos, chops, biryani, parathas, kasha ( mutton) and combo meals.

The soft Lachcha Paratha ( Rs 20) was a great accompaniment to the spicy Kasha ( Rs 150).

Chicken Biryani ( full at Rs 125 and half at Rs 70) is the picture of authenticity.

Aromatic rice topped with a large chicken piece, potato and a boiled egg; it’s served and tasted exactly like the real stuff.

The momos were competent but they could have tenderised the meat a little more. Don’t miss the Fish Chop ( prepared from Bhetki fish), fresh and soft. It comes with a special mustard sauce that is hard to find in our city.

Favorite Dish: Lachcha Paratha ,Chicken Biryani ,Bhetki fish,Paneer Roll ,Mutton Roll ,Double Chicken Roll

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Not at par for a Burrp certification! Avoid it.

Hangla’s @ Powai is not meant for the Bengalis of Mumbai. Anyone who has had Kolkata street food will agree with this fact. Well, whether the problem lies with just its Powai outlet or the rest I really wouldn’t know. But since I have tasted the so called Kolkata street food in Hangla’s @ Powai, here is what I have to say – pathetic!

Hangla’s-Powai opened to a lot of fanfare, pretty discounts and rumors of serpentine queue on its day one. Armed with huge expectations and an ample appetite to match we decided to try it out but were in for great disappointment. As we were to find out almost all the food stuff is pre made & frozen.

Let me start with the Momos (chicken). The filing of the momos was strictly ok but the covering was dry and hard. The accompanied sauce felt that it was a hurry mixture of the commercial tomato sauce mixed with chilly flakes. Next was the Fish Chop which was hot from outside but ice cold inside, I guess they had not thawed it. Though big in size the filling was very sweet, so much so that half way through it we just had to give it up.

The Moghlai paratha is a large serving but tasteless & very oily, served with stale onion rings & an equally stale potato veggie. Now for the world famous Kolkata rolls, the covering of the roll was hard & crispy, long hours in the freezer then re-cooked does that to it perhaps. The chicken filling was too sour and was filled with too much of cabbage unlike the lovely thinly sliced salad that is the norm.

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You can find Hangla’s at

  • 1st Floor, Food Court, Galleria Mall, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai
  • Phone: 9833287064

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