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Theobroma in Powai is a Siamese twin of Theobroma in Colaba. Well, almost. Just like the original outlet in Colaba, the one in Powai is also a ‘tiny’, cosy outlet. That’s the dictat of real-estate cost in Mumbai!!!

Review-Theobroma-Patisserie-in-Powai-1Do you sell the same goodies in Powai as in your Colaba Patisserie? I asked them. The reply was expected, “Barring a few items”. However, the staff couldn’t specify which items they do not sell in Powai. That doesn’t dishearten us, the Powai residents. ‘Cause they have all those delectable Brownies, Blondies, Cakes, Pastries, Mousses, Pies, Tarts, Croissants, Breads, Cookies, Sandwiches, et all. What more do you need?

How is the ambience @ Theobroma Patisserie in Powai? Is it the same as inTheobroma Colaba? You ask again. Well, to the one with the stiff upper lip, Powai can’t match Colaba. But hey, can you side line the ‘age, history, lineage, patronage’ part a bit and look at Powai afresh? If yes, you will notice that they maintain the same level of professionalism, friendliness, hygiene at their Powai outlet too. It’s definitely swankier than Colaba’s. The takeaway counter is well separated from the snacking area, and so, you can enjoy a good coffee over your choice of dessert and chat with your friends or simply gaze out of the glass door to see the world pass by.

Review-Theobroma-Patisserie-in-Powai-2So then, what’s the Final Word on Theobroma Patisserie in Powai? You ask finally. Go. Go. Go. If you stay/work at/near Powai and in case you are not headed South for long enough to have the usual ‘Theobroma cravings’, head to Theobroma Patisserie in Powai. You won’t be disappointed. Promise!

P.S: Find them at the upscale City Park Building, Central Avenue, Hirannadani Gardens (In the same line of outlets as Papa Johns & Dominos Pizza). And guess what? They ‘Home Deliver’ too around Powai. Give them a call at 9820510089.