This review is only a partial review of the “Grand Violin concert” held at IBS auditorium and organised by the “Powai Fine Arts Society”. I had to leave early, as I wanted to catch up the action at the Shamiana Short Film screenings. So please excuse me as you might feel this review as incomplete, but nevertheless I am compelled to write as this was the first event I attended of “Powai Fine Arts”.

Powai Fine Arts has been bringing some impressive performances and this was their 4th event in Powai. The first concert was held at IIT Auditorium, where Ramnath and Gopinath, known popularly as Iyer brothers, disciples of Veena Maestro R Pichumani performed. There were other concerts which followed where Bharathi Ramasubban performed, she took training in music from her mother Sankari Ramasubban and from her grandmother Sharada Krishnan, direct disciple of Muthiah Bhagavathar.

Dr. G Ramakrishnan, one of the main founders feels that the need of the time is to host cultural programs closer to home to enable the interested to attend the same. Suman Badami, dance exponent and guru also resonates that “With all the infrastructure facilities in our area we always felt the need for a forum for fine arts. Though I am a member in other fine arts associations but find it difficult to commute and wade through the traffic to reach the venues and quite often desist from going. If there is a programme in and around our complex it makes life easy”.


I only had time to hear one and half performance, Sunita Bhuyan is a probably one of the finest Violinist of Hindustani style, as soon she started I was sure that this was world class event, and people who missed should make it a point to check out Sunita Bhuyan performing live next time. The event was a stupendous success as the auditorium was almost 95 packed to capacity.


The audience basically consisted of matured age groups, I feel this was a event which the youth would have enjoyed also. I only hope that PFA makes the event more youth oriented by imporving on the overall look and the feel of the PFA concerts.

There is one issue which I would like to address. There were many people in the audeince who were sitting 1o feet away from the performer and happily clicking with flash lights on their camera. It was such a irritant for me, This was a classical music performance which is supposed to be very suble, and if there are distractions its a big turnoff. Also imagine the harm it does to the artist’s concentration. I would request all patrons of the art to resist the urge to click pictures or record the event with mobile phones during live events. Also since there was no focus lighting you were more prone to distractions.


Now I might sound a bit ungrateful here, but lets face it the IBS Auditorium is meant for giving business and MBA lectures and not for musical performances. It can seat around 300 plus people is my estimation, but it doesnt have the height and the elevation for world class performances. A lot of subtlety is lost in the process. But again many many thanks to Prof Bhushan and IBS for connecting with the community and letting us have the privilege.

Its unfortunate Powai with a population of around 4 lacs (source google maps), doesnt have a infrastructure to support Arts and Culture. Can we really claim to be living in better communities. Before another BPO or Mall or multiplex comes in, we need to ask ourselves, dont we deserve a Auditorium and be part of a culturally rich community???