Review of Pepe Donna at Boomerang Chandivali

Review of Pepe Donna at Boomerang Chandivali


As the cook here comes only in the morning for breakfast and lunch, we have excuse of eating out. Since we are out mostly day time prepping for a wedding in the family, we end up ordering for home delivery for dinner. Only for the kid we manage to cook home food.

While checking options on Zomato, I was looking at places on the other side of Powai, i.e. Chandivali as now we stay this side of the beautiful Powai. I came across this interesting spot Pepe Donna. Would have loved to DIne In there, but that day there was no energy to go out again. On research, we found that this is an Only Delivery place. That’s quite courageous to ha an Italian cuisine Only delivery outlet. Hope they start a Dine In too soon. So we settled to order from here.

Now, like many other times, I got carried away in my wish to try more things at one go and probably ended up ordering  too much food. But during the first order from a place, we are not sure about the portions sizes.


Restaurant: Pepe Donna

Location: G 25, Narayan Plaza, Near Boomerang, Chandivali, Mumbai

Orders: Two flavoured pizza, Pesto Verde Pasta, Stuffed Mushroom, French fries with mayo cheese and Choco Ferrero cupcake

Cost: Rs 1105/-

Service: Ordered online through Zomato. The process was smooth. But in the main menu they have an option of Half & 1/2 pizza, which was not shown as an option in the online ordering menu. After confirming the order, I just pinged zomato on chat and they did reply instantly. BY that time, I got a call from Puja of Pepe Donna. I was thinking of calling her myself and my instinct said it was her call. Very very prompt service. I guess she is the owner, chef and everything for the awesome titled place. I like such names of restaurants, speaks of their cuisine. Fixed the half and half. I had custom picked paneer and other toppings for one side of pizza and left the others to her. I found the total over priced. She first said that it is reasonably priced and then waived off the Rs 40 that is charged extra for the half and half.

Packaging: I liked their packing and the delivery man was sorry that the pizza box got a bit spoiled as the hot hot mushroom box got stuck to it, peeling off the pizza box paper a little. They have nice name and a good logo. I like the way they have branded their delivery boxes.

02Pizza01Food: I surely order ordered. Happens many times with me. I over-estimate how much food we can eat.

Half & 1/2 Pizza: I got both the sides customised, instead of choosing from the menu as they have that option. Online menu has two options in Pizza base but they actually provide only one now – the thin crust. She informed this via phone to me. Hope they update the zomato online ordering menu sooner. For one half I chose Cottage cheese as the main topping, then Olives, Jalapeno and caramelised onion. On the other side, I left it for her to add ingredients other than these. There were Peppers, Zucchini, tomato and onion here. Good portion on toppings, nice and fresh. But it had become cold by the time it reached us, so there was no fun in having it. Once I reheated a portion, could taste the yummy pizza. Very tasty. But Zucchini could have been avoided as it was also part of the pasta we ordered.

There was no oregano or chilly flakes with the pizza. When we started having it, we got it that they have already added too much of it on the pizza already. i would prefer a tad bit lesser on the pizza and additional pouch to be added as per our preference.

03MushroomStuffed Mushrooms: This was the first item to order as my sis love mushrooms and cheese. This was very good. I actually missed reading the description that it has spinach too. I would have taken another option then. If I was ordering for myself, I would go for the garlicky mushroom, no doubt. Next time.


Pesto Verde Penne Pasta: Instead of the usual white or red sauce, I chose Pesto flavoured as I love it at times. This Pesto Verde Penne Pasta had Broccoli, Zucchini and Spinach in it. So the Zucchini got repeated in pizza and spinach in mushroom. Again it was not warm. But reheating got back the taste. Extremely healthy and nutritious I must say! Portion was very good and it was quite creamy and saucy. Nice Basil flavour. Very heavy though. Though very good, I have had yummier pesto. Not taking away the goodness. Need to keep in mind, we over-ordered.


Fries with Mayo Chilly: Though everything was good and tasty. Fries were crispy. But I didn’t get why there was oregano and so much salt in the fries. I like extra salt, so worked for me, but initially the kid refused to have. We managed somehow and she love it as we rubbed off some of the oregano on it. Somehow that particular mixed Italian herb comprising Oregano was everywhere, on the pizza, pasta, fries, mushroom and even the mayo. Giving very similar or almost same flavour to all and too much at times.


Choco Ferraro Cupcake: The menu had only one dessert. So I couldn’t resist ordering it. Looking at the flavour, I thought it would be good for the kid and we could taste as well. It better be kick ass. Well, after half way the food, the kid saw that there was a cupcake and we couldn’t keep it away anymore. Actually that was all that we could have. Too much food! (face palm).

She was thrilled that it was brown, so has chocolate for sure. As we brought the cupcake near her, the expressions were worth it. No, she was not thrilled. It was opposite. She said, it doesn’t look beautiful and rejected it. LOL. We gave a bite and she said, wow, it has lot of chocolate. The brownie cupcake is like a lump of various combinations of chocolates thrown in. Sweeter to our liking.

A portion of everything was remaining even after 3 and half people having their dinner 🙂 🙂 I had the remaining portion of little pasta in the morning with breakfast.

Their website says they serve authentic Italian restaurant. I have had a lot of authentic Italian, I would say it is very near. But I am happy the part which is not purely authentic actually suits our palate.

The way we eat (not big quantity eaters) and the way their portion size is, Between pizza and pasta, I should have gone for anyone, as there were mushrooms already and the little fries and dessert as well. That would have been correct portion of food and would have controlled the bill amount too.

There are lot of interesting items on the menu that I would like to try. Especially the egg included ones. Other than a few egg additions to some dishes, they serve only vegetarian.  That wide variety only prompted me to order so much. Never mind. Good dinner and I am definitely ordering again.