Another first for Powai – Theatre !!! Out Of The Blue couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate day or time – 5 pm on a Sunday evening, when people are generally done with socializing & eating out , a time to recharge your batteries for another week of hard work. Luckily, I had no plans and was looking forward to what this fledgling group had in store.

[box type=”info”]Actors Anonymous is the initiative of Noel Manasseh, a graduate of the FTII, Pune & “POP! Goes the Weasel” is the group’s first play which has been on the road for a year now, with performances in Goa & Mumbai. The cast comprised of Nidhi Singh, Manvi Gagroo, Medha Mahajan, Sudeep Modak, Areesz Ganddi, Devansh Doshi & of course, Noel Manasseh.[/box]

The play deals with situations or predicaments that people (in the entertainment industry) find themselves in at different stages of their working and personal life. It deals with aspirations & notions of romance that young people grow up with … only to realize that Life is full of disappointments, rejection & critique. It deals with competitiveness, jealousies (between husband & wife, if you please) and the shattered dreams of Generation Y. Since most of the emotions being acted out were negative ; it was a spirited, bold & energetic performance bordering on volatile. The cast comprised of fairly young actors who were able to emote the angst of their contemporaries fairly accurately & handle infrastructural glitches (on the sets) in their stride ! As an ‘experimental’ play, it lacked innovation & creativity and could be classified more as ‘Realistic’ since none of the life situations ended on a happy or even, optimistic, note. However, since the group is only four years old, we can only hope that in their next production, they are able to veer away from portrayals of narcissistic personalities so that ‘aspiring’ artistes continue to choose this craft in the hope of someday reaching a kind of nirvana; in perfect tune with their creative-consciousness.

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The Review was written by Anuradha W Ramachandran. Anuradha is an English Hons graduate from Delhi University,  Having spent many years in the hotel industry organising events & selling hotels to corporate clients, she took a break to pander to home & kids. A proud resident of Hiranandani Garden for the past ten years, she looks forward to bringing this community closer by involving them in various activities & events.