Review of Kolkata Rolls at Powai Plaza

Review of Kolkata Rolls at Powai Plaza

Kolkata Rolls is one more addition to the numerous Bengali joints available in Powai. We have Bhojohori Manna, Hangla’s, Peetuk, Bijoli Grill also here. So except Oh! Calcutta and Calcutta Club all brands have been trying to lure the bong crowds in Powai. I am not counting Sweet Bengal.

Powai is a hot space for Bengali Cuisine as the Powai Durja Puja is the 2nd largest Puja in Mumbai. Furthermore, now powai has two Puja’s happening. However, in this crowded market space, how does one choose? Well to be honest, I don’t know which one serves the best biryani or the roll, but let me tell you about the Kolkata Rolls brand at Powai Plaza.

This is a franchise and the first outlet in Mumbai. It is always manned by the owner Dr Saylee Upadeo, who says she personally supervises and buys all the daily produce. She says that the difference between other outlets and them is that, they don’t have anything frozen. Everything is personally picked up by her from the market every morning and cooked at the outlet itself. Furthermore, she makes less quantity so there is no wastage.

The TG seems to be the young who are on the move, the egg rolls start at Rs 50, while the chicken biryani made in the outlet here itself is priced at Rs 250/- though the name is Kolkatta rolls, but due to popular demand, they have recently started making small quantities of Biryani, which gets sold off very soon.

Somethings I liked.

1) Wheat based paratha’s which are kind of healthy options in case you suffer from indigestion.

2) I have been there twice in a year and both the times. I found the owner at the counter. This is definitely encouraging.

Some of the things I didn’t like

1) The tava counter or the kitchen is not visible. For me, the food experience is better when I see it being cooked. The kitchen just has a small opening, and nothing is visible to people who order. I am used to having my rolls at Hangla’s where I see the person frying the onions and the meat and the eggs and the paratha.

Incidentally the roll came out was not piping hot, which gave me the feeling that the process of making rolls here is different.

2) The place has 2/3 tables, but I would have loved if the space was designed better, somehow it feels like not much thought given in the restaurant design and no professional was hired to design, but then again, they are not fine dine, so I am being a bit snooty here.


Shop 50, Powai Plaza, Hiranandini Garden, Powai, Mumbai
Phone Numbers
022 49600444
+91 9711330444