This is my first review of a Food place in Powai. Generally speaking I wont be able to make out the difference between a foie gras and a mutton chop, but I have been checking out the foodie dictionary and learning the meaning of words like gourmands and gastronome ( I still dont know the difference, but I am learning.) Now after some research I have got enough confidence to pen down and review a food place in Powai. Welcome to Beatle Hotel, more precisely the coffeeshop for a buffet spread.

I love buffet, not because I can eat as much as I can , on the contrary it is because I have an extremely frugal appetite. It is also the reason why men with small dash carry big phones or buy extremely large cars like Hummers.


Also traditionally I am a vegan at home (mainly to set a good example to my new help) but when I am out of the house I can eat anything which has its back to the sun, except some sea food, which I am allergic too.

There is a gem of place in Powai, which is called a Beatle Hotel, it houses a coffee shop called Rhythm. The buffet spread is 475 + taxes and comes to about 550 approx and is available for both Lunch and Dinner. I have only heard good things about this place called “BEATLE” strictly speaking foodwise only. The sushi is something the epicurean elite’s on twitter rave about all the time. (Maybe I should check the oriental/Japanese restaurant if they have one! (No the buffet didnt have any Sushi or Japanese stuff.)


The spread is beautifully laid out, with salads on the TOP counter and the main course on the lower counter, which makes the whole thing aesthetically pleasing to the palate and the senses. There are choices of 2 Hot soups and 2 cold soups , I opted for the cold soup (orange and rosemary soup) it was much like orange juice (why call it soup, beats me too) but it refreshed my taste buds and the salads were going great, my favourite turned out to be grilled Zucchini/eggplant/onions/bellpeppers salad. The numbers of salads was endless. But lets move on the main course.


I like to eat all my buffet meal in one plate, except the desert. I was almost about to punch the attendent 2 times, he tried snatching my plate to replace with a clean one. Also I like to mix my salads/soups/maincourse in together. This is “Power Lunch” for me. I want to pretend I am on a work day having a hurried up lunchean, which can be farthest from the truth as after a buffet, you are undertaken by a spell of “Food Coma”.

Lets get to the main course, the main course had some vegetarian dishes which I ignored, the non-vegetarian started was fish oyster chilli sauce with asparagus which I didn’t enjoy much , but what I loved was the murgh masallam (it was spectacular), I was also offered a pasta of choice (which I declined), asked for Indian butter roti to go with. There was also the extremely humble shepherds pie in lot of oozing butter and which I promptly mixed up with the mashed potatoes and ate it with the Roti’s for post colonial hangover.

The desert offering was humble but nothing was left to chance, I settled for a raspberry cream brûlée (Sugar Free) along with orange mouse cake. There were other stuff’s like gulab jamun, rabdi, fresh cut fruits. But now I am stuffed.

The management was kind enough to offer me a table so I could pen down my thoughts and I paid my own bill.