Powai is a food lover’s paradise with a variety of elegant fine dine, multi-cuisine and fast food restaurants. However, there are also outlets where you can fill your stomachs with a small budget. Here is a list of 5 popular budget eateries in Hiranandani, Powai


Address: Heera Panna Shopping Center, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai 400076.

Sandoitchi is a Japanese word for sandwich. Here you get all kinds of exotic sandwiches which include Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean, Jain and Asian. You can customize your sandwich by choosing your own bread, base, sauce, vegetables and toppings if any. This may remind you of Subway, but Sandoitchi serves hot and fresh sandwiches as opposed to the relatively cooler ones that subway provides.

Sandoitchi uses a Japanese cooking method known as Teppanyaki. On speaking with the owner, he said that he was inspired by this Japanese method of cooking and that he wants to serve fresh hot organic and healthy food to his customers that not only fills their stomachs but also satisfies them to a great extent. One can enjoy a healthy and filling sandwich for Rs. 200 and can also buy a drink which can be refilled any number of times without additional payment. It is also a great hangout or meeting spot. A pure vegetarian restaurant, which won’t disappoint non-veg lovers either, this place will leave you asking for more.

Janta Bakers

Address: Shop No 16, Daffodils Building, Old Market, Central Avenue Road, Powai, Mumbai 400076.

Ask anyone in Powai about their favourite budget eatery and 9 out of 10 will respond with ‘Janta Bakers’. Whether it is rolls or puffs or sandwiches, this bakery serves the best of them all at a discounted rate. Most famous for its rolls, puffs and grilled sandwiches, this place also serves cakes, brownies, cookies, momos and other local food items like vada pav, samosa, etc. Having a roll (veg or non-veg) here is a must, especially if you live in Powai and have not had it yet. With quick service and delicious food at a reasonable price, this place is extremely popular among the students of nearby schools and colleges (or tuitions).

By Neil D’costa

Hungry Head

Address: Shop No 1, Hakone, Next to Powai Plaza, Central Avenue Road, Hiranandani, Powai, Mumbai 400076.

Have you ever thought of different styles of maggi? Or have you just stuck with your beloved 2 minute maggi? I’m assuming most of you must have done only the latter. Hungry Head has done so many wonderful things with maggi, which most of us would never think of. In fact, this is the only place where I would go out just to eat maggi. You can go here 7 times a week and end up eating completely different types of maggi, and absolutely fall in love with each one of them. Their French fries are not far behind in taste- they are competing with maggi to get to the customer’s plate. With the amount of mouthwatering dishes they offer, it is really unfortunate that we will have to choose only one or two of them.

After its success in Powai, Hungry Head has recently opened in Ghatkopar too. Once you visit this place and try a particular item, you would definitely want to try the other stuff that they offer. This place is totally worth experimenting with the choice of your food and trying something you otherwise wouldn’t have. Getting such unique, finger-licking recipes at a reasonably low cost is a bargain!

Kolkata Rolls

Address: Powai Plaza, Central Avenue, Powai, Mumbai 400076.

When it opened I wondered why anyone would go to Kolkata Rolls when there is Janta bakery. But one visit to Kolkata Rolls changed my mind- it is almost equally good! Kolkata Rolls is situated in a small corner near the entrance of Powai Plaza. Even though the place is small, the rolls are large enough for their price. Their kebab rolls are a must have for the non-vegetarian foodies. Along with tasty rolls, you can also enjoy live sports on the small screen in this small place. The one in Powai is the only Kolkata Rolls outlet in Mumbai, while there are more in Navi Mumbai.

By Neil D’costa


Address: Central Avenue, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai 400076.

An eatery which serves chat, dosas, pav bhaji, frankies, sweets, sandwiches, and other local snacks is the best place to visit if you want to have a light snack during a break at work or if you just want to have a small bite while passing by. This is not a place to go if you are confused about what you want to eat because you get almost all types of Indian snacks here. You also get fresh sugarcane juice right at its entrance. They use mineral water in all their products so it is absolutely healthy. It is like an all in one eatery which provides a variety of different varieties of food items.

Written By Neil D’costa