It was a special occasion in the family, and we wanted to eat out. Only problem, it was a Monday evening. Going out to dine down to the city or even Bandra was out of question. Who’d want to be minced by the traffic in the streets after a hard day’s work at office? And so, unanimously, we chose Mirchi and Mime, the fusion Indian restaurant that had recently opened in Powai.

Remember, Powaikars, in recent times, have seen the burgeoning of the food space in their vicinity. Good food. What with some of the best restaurants setting up shop here and in its neighbourhood – R City Mall and Sakinaka. So another Indian restaurant, in the already cluttered space, made us wonder if it made sense. That doubt dispelled as we entered the restaurant full of diners that Monday evening. Big, well lit and cheerful, smiling staff, why did I get the feeling that the place looked more Italian/Mediterranean than Indian? That’s because, the décor at Mirchi and Mime doesn’t have the usual Indian colours and upholstery, yet is stylish and global in its look. What further differentiates it is that fact that the majority of its staff are specially abled – which is why the ‘Mime’ in their name. Starting from the greetings to reading the menu card to explaining to the guy waiting on us what we wanted, it was Mime all the way, and the team helped us learn the language so that we could communicate…

We started off with Beer and Rocksalt Margarita with Mutton Dori Kebab and White Pepper Tikka – both absolutely juicy and cooked to perfection. For the mains, we went for Pork Belly Vindaloo and Chicken Biryani. The Biryani was a lot like Yakhni Pulao, rich in aroma and taste, with tender chicken pieces. The Vindaloo, though, lacked somewhat in taste – didn’t really touch the tongue, somewhat a bland tomato gravy. For desserts, it was Sitaphal Pannacotta and a big glass of Custard and Jelly. Both very good, although we struggled to finish the Custard and Jelly.  The meal cost us about Rs 3,600. Stylish, yes. And expensive too.

Overall, a lovely place with very good food and awesome service. The staff win you over with their smiles and bubbling energy. MUST GO!