The article was originally posted on  –, Memoirs of the warring couple, Deepa and Jayanta, who agree only on travel and food.

Indulgence, thy name is Haagen Dazs! Truly speaking. Last Saturday, our daughter had a birthday party at Papa Johns in Powai. And we grabbed this opportunity to hop into Haagen Dazs next door for a ‘our time’ over some seriously indulging ice cream.

I love it when they bring out their album and you have to choose whether you want your ice-cream with cookies or wafers or crepes or fresh fruits or apple pie!! They take the humble ice-cream to another level.

We settled for a 4-crepe ice cream that came with four different flavours. You, of course, choose the flavours!! Find how spoilt can you get. I settled for two fruit flavours while Jayant went with his customary Belgian chocolate and blueberry cheesecake. We exchanged amused glances when the guy got our plate. Pure ecstasy!

And today, after a heavy brunch of leftovers from last night’s party, we decided, unanimously, Hagen Dazs! For some light ice-creams this time – the Mongo Sorbet (we Indians eat Mangoes in every possible permutation-combination during summers), Summer Fruit with Cake and Strawberry Cheesecake.

Came back home, stomachs full, hearts full for the Sunday siesta. Ah! The perfect Sunday!!

(PS: Come to think of it, not entirely a perfect Sunday. George Clooney is tying the knot. Humph!!!)

And a note on the ambience and rates @Haagen Dazs — International standards in decor. Rates are on the higher side — about INR 250 for a scoop with the cone.