Place: Street Food Stall

Location: Chat Stall and Dabeli stalls situated in the inner lane of Galleria shops, Galleria Shopping Centre, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai
This is not the one that is located at the entrance, when you enter through the way, opp KFC. This is way within, behind the shop Jackpot and is right outside the tiny one and only grocery shop in this Old Style Mall, Apna Ghar.
Orders: One Cheese Dabeli and One Ragda Patties
Cost: Rs 40 each 

Ragda Patties: I was so engrossed with the Dabeli that I just had a few bites of this. My mother found it OKAY. Neither bad, not great. The quality of sev and curd were good here. Quantity average.
Cheese Dabeli: I don’t like raw onion at all, so the first request was No onion in my Cheese Dabeli. Nice and fresh Pav. I got the pomegranate seeds reduced too. Nice potato masala. Adequate cheese. He checked whether adding sev and peanuts are fine, ofcourse that’s fine 🙂 🙂 It was so good, after so so long. Loved it. Could have had another one, but had to rush.