Restoring Serenity-on powai lake an article by Aruna Thosar – Dixit, PRO, IIT Bombay (1986-2007)wrote for IIT’s mag Raintree.

The Powai Lake was integral to the life of every campus resident; like a leitmotiv surfacing again and again. Toddlers playing on the green slopes of the guest house lawn while mothers or grand parents or the occasional dad, sat and chatted, watching the sun set across the lake; students on steps or the slope leading to the water; joggers and walkers early morning and evening; cricket on the dried up lake bed; spotting birds in marshes and trees, BNHS nature trek around the lake; dragging willing or unwilling guests through the wooded trail to the old boat-house to view the incredible expanse of water – the lake-pictures and lake-associations retained in the memory are too numerous to narrate.

Powai Lake made its presence felt in another way in my role as the PR officer for the Institute. In the early years, contact with media or local officials, environmentalists and even “concerned” campus residents, often brought accusations that IIT was the major culprit in the degradation of the lake. Its untreated sewage was flowing into the lake creating a nutritious base for the water hyacinth to flourish; the lake depth was decreasing, consequently leading to the sorry sight of a dried lake bed for many months. Read the entire article here