Once upon a time, when we were relatively new in Mumbai, we’d frequent Out Of The Blue in Bandra quite frequently. That was about 6-7 years ago. Mumbai’s restaurant landscape has changed greatly since then – there are newer joints, big and small, offering a whole lot of new dishes. And so, our loyalties shifted to the Delis and the Cafes. Out Of The Blue opened shop in Powai sometime back, but we always preferred the LPQs, Mia Cucinas…until last Sunday evening, Jayant made a good case for OOTB, saying that we should go there for old time’s sake…And so, OOTB is was for Sunday dinner!

Ambience @Out Of The Blue, Powai: They have a big place there, divided into two sections. Spacious, must be well-lighted during the daytime, for there are large French windows. It is dimly lit in the evenings though. Good décor. Nice cheerful place. And it being the tennis and football season, they have two large screens to entice the lover of the ball…

And that’s where the enchantment ended…

Food @Out Of The Blue, Powai: We ordered Pinacolada and Draught Beer with their Crispy Chicken Nuggets. I mentioned to the guy taking the drinks order that I like my Pinacolada with somewhat 20ml rum instead of the customary 30ml. What he brought to me was a drink that was very strong, and very weak on the accompanying flavours of coconut milk and pineapple juice. I hated it. Crispy Chicken was very good and we devoured it all. Only wish they had a better sauce/dip instead of the staid tomato ketchup.

Main course was Gnocchi in Pesto Sauce, Four Meat Penne and Spaghetti Bolognese. Am very discerning when it comes to the taste and quality of a Gnocchi, and must say that what they make in OOTB is very good. Not much flour. You can clearly tell the potatoes. I like it that way. They Pesto sauce was very average though.

Jayanta grumbled that his Four Meat Penne was spicy and low on meat. Why! He had wanted to order Lamb and then Pork, only to be politely told that both were not in stock! Hello? Sunday evening, and you don’t stock properly for your guests??

The Spaghetti Bolognese which my daughter and Mother-in-Law shared, found the tomato sauce to be too sour.

Wish somebody told the cook that ‘too much’ of any ingredient is not Italian food. That ‘too much’ kills the flavours. This is not Laal Maas or the Raras of the world. Sublime is the key for European dishes. Unless of course, you want to go desi in a way that will cater to the taste-buds of those outrageous spice-hungry diners such as the Manchurian-Dosa lovers!!!

Final Word on Out Of The Blue, PowaiQuite sure we will not go back. The food isn’t good enough. Plus, the staff is rather impersonal. They didn’t even bother to ask Jayant if he wanted another round of Beer. We had to remind them twice for a plate for my daughter. Alright everybody was glued to how Federer and Djokovic were tossing the ball in the court. But that’s no excuse for an impersonal service. Come to think of it, I don’t care for the type of service only when I eat in the streets.

Guess then, Out of The Blue in Powai is good for kids’ birthday parties or those Kitty Parties. Another Pizza Hut/Papa Johns in the making?