Restaurant review: Mainland China in Powai.

Restaurant review: Mainland China in Powai.

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mainlandThe phrase ‘fine dining chain’ should be a contradiction in terms but Mainland China manages to get more things right than wrong. Given that I will appreciate almost any type of food with scant regard to what ultimately emerged vis-à-vis the original plan all my restaurant reviews are unfailingly positive. This review is no different.

A couple of weeks ago the newest branch of Mainland China in Mumbai opened in Hiranandani Gardens a mere 5 minutes walking distance from where I stay. Tonight my wife and I made the hike to the place. Our first impression of the restaurant was… space, lots of it. Restaurants in Mumbai are held hostage by real estate prices and new ones tend to be on the smaller side. This one, on the other hand, had a large main dining area, another one behind a partition made of narrow glass tubes with water flowing through them and a private dining room. The tables were not so close as to seem crowded and conversations of the surreptitious kind were possible.

We started off with a spicy crab meat soup which passed the taste test with flying colours. Over a period of 3 years I have conditioned my wife to have spicy food and now she enjoys it as long as it is not flaming spicy. This is a vast improvement on earlier days when anything red was enough to scare her away. For starters we ordered steamed dumplings with prawn stuffing and chicken-stuffed tofu. The latter was a disappointment as it came dunked in a weird brown sauce and was clearly an innovation gone wrong. The main course consisted of pomfret in garlic sauce and vegetable fried rice. The pomfret was from a fresh catch but the dish could have done with more gravy. To be fair, then it would have run the risk of becoming a curry. I guess it was just one of those things where the quest for the right balance is a continuing endeavor.

All in all, Chinese food buffs in Powai just got a new, best eating joint. i am sure it will also be a hit with all the people stuffed into the BPO in and around Powai.
Damages for the meal: INR 1,570/- excluding tip.