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Thursday night, and the rigours of the week has taken its toll. Weekend is still one day away. Sigh. I am in no mood to either make to eat dinner at home. How I’d like to saunter into a Bandra joint, but at 7.30 in the night, you can’t drive down to Bandra with baby in tow. And anyway, there’s school and office tomorrow, you remind yourself.

And so we sat down to weigh our Powai options – Café Mangi? No. Mia Cucina? We go there all the time. R-City Joints? No, bother Ghatkopar traffic. Sigree? No, don’t have that much of an appetite. Le Pain Quotidien? Yeah, let’s go to Le Pain Quotidien. We hurried. It was almost 8.30 now, and we wanted to get back home by 10pm.


How is the ambience at Le Pain Quotidien in Powai? You can never complain about Le Pain Quotidien’s ambience. They are basic, yet stylish. Everywhere.

How is the food at Le Pain Quotidien in Powai? Sadly, it’s the same menu as in their Colaba joint. Worse, their menu is heavy on options with chicken. Now, we are not much of chicken lovers, unless you have gone to great lengths to make it taste different. Jayant likes to stick to pork/steak while I prefer lamb meat any day. And so, we have not much choice but to order the Sliced Tenderloin Steak and I had to settle for a variant of the Slow Roasted Lamb Stew. The chef understood the problem I faced with the bread ‘barrel’ they served it in in Colaba the last time, and offered to keep the breads separate this time. My Mom and daughter wanted to split a plate of Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli. All of the above with Sula’s Sauvignon Blanc and Fratelli’s Cabernet Sauvignon. And oh, I ordered the Mediterranean Platter (by mistake, for Jayant wanted me to order the Tuscan Platter) to start off.

The Platter was a pleasant surprise. The Red Bean Hummus, the Babaganoush and the Beetroot Caviar were fantastic, with just the right flavours. The chef even obliged me with the Beetroot recipe. Breads @Le Pain Quotidien needs no mention. They are masters at baking them. Main Course was good. Everybody loved their meal and we were happy. So were the staff at Le Pain Quotidien. :-)

Final word on Le Pain Quotidien, Powai: Go. Unlike most restaurants in Powai, it is not noisy. And, after a long day at work, you love having good food over good wine.

When we told them about changing their menu every once in a while, the guy taking our orders told us that they actually have a menu for the day everyday!! Whoa! How come he didn’t tell us about it when we were grumbling at the lack of choice? He simply smiled sheepishly. Lesson learnt. The next time at Le Pain Quotidien, ask for the menu of the day first!!