Restaurant: Ginger
Location: Chandivali Road, Near Lake Homes, Mumbai
Orders: Dal Khichda, Tandoori Fish Tikka
Cost: Rs 320

Background 🙂 Ginger is very near to our place, but it had taken a long time to order finally from here. It started with my sis ordering for something one day, and it came quickly and was okay in taste. A couple of months back, she ordered her routine Daal Khichda, and we went for Tandoori Chicken starter with Naan. While the naans were just okay, the chicken was below average. Last week, again while I ordered Non-veg from another place, the vegetarians in the family ordered the Daal Khichdi. Though I felt like digging into it, I stuck to my food, as I had to have it only by myself.
So, next day, I had this craving for the Dal Khichada… LOL.


Food: Called up Ginger and ordered for one. Asked them to make a fresh and nice one. Looking at their menu, I couldn’t resist ordering a non veg dish. This time thought of trying a fish preparation . When I enquired about it, they said, only two fish dishes are available, one Fish Tandoori Tikka and another was a deep fried one. No Tava fried or any other preparation. So hesitantly I ordered for one Tandoori Fish Tikka.


Taste: Tandoori Fish Tikka: I repent ordering this. Never again. It was not working out. I did have a few chunks, but no fun. Masala was not suiting the fish; it was not gelling together. The fish colour was off. I had thought of this, thinking it would go well with the simple Khichda. For Rs 180, it is a waste of money.

Daal Khichda: Not bad. It was made fresh; we could make out. Otherwise, when we open the box, it would have become partial cake texture. This was nice. The rice used for good quality and the Khichda was saucy. We should have it hot. Otherwise, it won’t give that kick. Ofcourse I shared it with the family, I am not a huge quantity eater. Rs 140. A little high compared to little joints prices, but that’s fine as it was worth having.

I could have had the meal in Rs 140, that too sharing. The greed to add a Non-Veg went wrong.