Jayanta had been to Chili’s before, with a bunch of friends from our running group, to watch a cricket match during the FIFA cup over bottles of beer. And had found the place to be an informal place, just suited for an evening when you want to let your hair down, meet up with friends over some good food.

This time, last Friday evening, we went to Chili’s as a family. And at were astounded to see patrons waiting for their tables even at 7.30 in the evening!!! The place was filled to the brim! Whoever said that restaurants in Powai face stiff competition from one another. This one looked like a clear winner just by the number of people already at the tables and the ones waiting for their turn outside!

Ambience at Chili’s in Powai, Mumbai: Found it exactly to be what Jayanta had described from his first visit – hep, informal, big, loud music, people chattering away, staff in a frenzy meandering along with plates and glasses and mugs. Cheerful bold colours everywhere, a bar with stools right at the centre, just by the look of it you’d know that the weekend has arrived! Just the place where the week’s exhaustion can be taken by its horns!!! Hehe…

Food at Chili’s in Powai, Mumbai: They have introduced a new menu for the months of December and January — Smoked Salmon Salad, Pulled Chicken/Paneer Corn Cakes, Smoked Quarter Chicken, Green Chile Chicken/Paneer Enchiladas, Spicy Smoked Shrimp Pasta, Citrus Garlic Chicken, Smoked Garlic Tenderloin, Sweet Mustard Seed Baby Back Ribs.

We went in for the starters with Watermelon Margarita with Sauza Tequila and ​Watermelon Lemonade. The Smoked Salmon Salad served in a huge martini glass was absolutely delightful and tasted so good with the Margarita – just the right flavour, right amount of Feta, I almost scrapped the last bits out of the glass! The Corn Cakes were interesting, chicken/paneer mixed with Feta again served on a slightly sweet sauce. I particularly loved the Paneer one. Feta and Paneer marry well. And the Lemonade proved to be just the right drink to gulp them down with.

Spicy Smoke Shrimp cooked with corns and served with boiled broccoli, zucchini and with mashed potatoes were very tasty – we are Bongs, we love everything that has anything to do with ‘chigri maach, big or small. Our daughter loved the Chicken Pasta. Then came the Enchiladas — a revelation! Served on a bed of baked beans and mint-flavour rice, it’s a huge plate! Don’t order it if you don’t have somebody to help you to finish it! Loved the subtly flavoured rice with just the right dash of chillies. Next came the Ribs, which Jayanta was in no mood to share. All right with us since by now, my stomach was filled to the brim!!! Once done, Jayanta declared that the Ribs were one of the bests he had in Mumbai!

Time for desserts – Jayanta, the chocolate lover, requested for the Sizzling Brownie with Vanilla Ice-cream, while I ordered their signature Peach Cake with Ice-Cream. Just the right desserts to end a fantastic meal with!!

Final Word on Chili’s in Powai, Mumbai: Guys, DO NOT miss on their limited time menu. We, in fact, wondered why have such good dishes in their ‘limited menu’. The simple smiled a who-knows smile! Go for it before they stop it. But here is a warning – make sure you go to Chili’s in a big group. Why? Because, their serving size is SO BIG that you won’t be able to enjoy the complete spread if you go in small numbers. Their plates, glasses, mugs are all HUGE, fit for an army you’d think, I struggled to not waste any of the good food!