[box]We are no strangers to noise pollution, Mumbai probably has the largest Population density in the world, I have been living in Powai for last 12 years, and there has not been a single day when some neighbour or the other is renovating and cutting marbles and granites and disturbing the peace. We treasure our houses and building as real estate is where you get the max returns. However, the insensitivty and apathy levels of people renovating with regards to noise remains inchecked. A slightest complaint and it can lead to a brawl. Big builders in the area will carry on construction activity till late in the night with total impunity. [/box]

[quote]Here is one of the messages by a resident of Raheja Vihar Sreekala Harikuma[/quote]
Please see the video of Two rock cutting machines at Raheja Vihar, generating 90 – 100 dB at Vistas construction site. Regular daily level during day time is 80 dB. Maximum allowed sound level at residential area is 55 dB. This is continuing for the last two year. This may lead to Hearing loss, Elevated blood pressure, Stress, Annoyance, Child physical development & speech or reading difficulties We are complaining this verbally to Site engineers, but no use. Today after a strong complaint , temporarily they stopped. I don’t know till when ?????