This is my first hand experience with this property. My dad is a member with this hotel and we are supposed to have certain benefits being a member like discounts at restaurants, discounted stay at a few
properties and yes a free stay for a night.

But i think this is all a money making scam by renaissance. They title their members as Prestige Members but i would like to call it a NON prestige membership. I recently called them up to avail of the free night stay and i was thrown around like a Piece of junk.

In case they have a occupancy of 90% members will not be given rooms as they expect guests to walk in and pay them in green. Further if you agree to pay the amount and not use the free coupon u will get a room. All this has not been mentioned in their offer letter.

I can bet a million that if i walk in and agree to pay by cash they will give me a room.

They have a few operational Inefficiencies too!! e.g
Different reps provide u with contrasting information
e.g one rep told me that reservations are done only 15 days in advance while they have accepted advance from certain parties 2 months in advance.

There is no point in renewing the membership. Choose Hyatt, ITC, Le Meridian or Regent over Renaissance.