We were all set to visit Mirchi and Mime in Powai for the first time. The place had been very popular since the start because of the concept of a ‘speech and hearing-impaired’ staff.

People who know can sense the evening glory this place promised. The entire lane attaching to the main road was a sight that could not be missed. A casual walk across the food chains on that glittering side of the road was sure to make you feel alive.

Madeira and Mime, Hitchki, Mia Cucina, do you remember Café Mangii? Ah, those were the days.

Perfect places to end your working weeks at with your friends, to take your date to, where you could bask-in the vibrant atmosphere coupled with fun and frolic, some dance indoors.

Mirchi and Mime was the right place for Friends and family dinners

Mirchi and Mime was the right place for Friends and family dinners and get-togethers, business meetings, several tourists also visited this place to experience their beautiful concept and relish good food.

Alas, we have not been able to relive this since the past few months. I’m sure most of us were eagerly waiting to see these lights at the end of that road again.

Anyway, moving on to my Mirchi and Mime story.

When I reached Mirchi and Mime I was greeted by a lady who “signalled” me towards my seat. For a brief moment, I had totally forgotten about their concept as I had hurried my way down there to lock my reservation while my Family was yet to arrive.

I looked around a little and saw a group of attendants discussing something serious. Of course, I did not know whether the topic was serious or no, but I assumed so by looking at the way they were talking, with actions and animations.

It was then when it hit me that they were talking in sign language. That was the first time that I ever saw speech and hearing-impaired people communicating for real.

Their hands were in the air, they were being so, so expressive, without arguing or fighting.

Even though they could not speak, their actions spoke much, much louder without words which were really joyous to watch.

And here we are, having no dearth of syllables and words, yet can we ever express ourselves so wholeheartedly? 🙂

I also remember a school friends get-together we had with a couple of batchmates in Madeira and Mime several months back. Lively music, lively atmosphere, a Foosball station, a cheerful aura and most importantly, a well-managed staff and delicious food made it a day that we really cherished.

Smiles and happiness were what both these places promised. And honestly visiting them was one of the first things I wanted to do to once this current crazy lockdown situation would calm down.

Guess that’s not happening as both the restaurants have shut down.

In case you’re making a list of all things that have gone wrong in 2020, note, you have some new points to add if you loved both these places.

They are really going to be missed dearly, truly dearly.

What is your Mirchi and Mime story?

Mirchi and Mime
Image source: @mirchiandmime and @madmime Instagram