RADHEE Disaster and Education Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization. It works for social cause in the field of Disaster Management, Health, Education and
Environment. RADHEE is registered organization with Social Welfare Department of Government of Maharashtra. Mumbai have witnessed multiple disasters over the last decade – 26/11 terror
attack, Mumbai floods, etc. to name a few. The frequency and intensity of these disasters are ever increasing due to global warming and terror activities at various levels. One thing that all of these natural and manmade disasters have in common, besides infrastructure and financial losses, is that they directly impact human on lives and health.
RADHEE works with the identified vulnerable institutions and communities to prepare them to tackle the aftermath of such devastating events. RADHEE through its professional and dedicated approach reduces the impact of disaster on all three levels. Large number of Mumbai citizen works in corporate and industries. As a part of corporate and industries disaster preparedness, they need to have their disaster plan and trained staff. Corporate looking forward for Six sigma certificate also needs to undergo disaster preparedness drill. India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Our biggest asset that attracts businesses to invest in our country is “skilled manpower”, but where is our preparedness to ensure that these valuable assets are safe and productive?
Our country has witnessed multiple manmade and natural disasters in the last decade that have caused major disabilities, loss of life, infrastructure and financial loss. With significant increase in occurrences of manmade and natural disasters causing an impact of 13% to the GDP by 2010, education on disaster preparedness is the need of the day.

During disasters, untrained help will bring incremental harm and complication versus trained help that can reduce possible fatality of injuries and promote early recovery. RADHEE aims at creating an educated and a prepared community which can effectively mitigate the risks of any disaster and employ the right rescue technique reducing the impact of a disaster.

RAHDEE is works towards training corporate, industries and educational institutions by identifying potential participants and building a team of skilled first responders for disasters.

Relief & Awareness for Disaster Management Health Education EnvironmentView more presentations from Powai Info.RADHEE Social Project:

Save Life of Accident Victims,

Urban Slums Capacity Building and

Municipal School trainings

RADHEE’s Vision:

Change the citizens’ attitude, from indifference & ignorance to commitment &

Involvement, through planning and training to react to emergencies.

RADHEE’s Mission:

1. Educate every Indian Citizen by Training, Planning and Preparedness to

reduce the impact of any disaster

2. To build a team of trained first responders who are skilled to apply rescue methods, provide first aid and make medical treatment available in the “GOLDEN HOUR” for an early recovery to the victims of disasters, accidents or health emergencies

3. Develop a Emergency Resource Inventory for an early Rehabilitation

RADHEE’s Objective





RADHEE’s Contribution

• Pre Disaster – Educating how to deal with disaster and being prepared for it

•During Disaster – Presence of trained first responders in affected areas

•Post Disaster and – Communicating “rescue instructions” to affected region disaster getting “firsthand information” to reduce the impact of which helps in early rehabilitation.

RADHEE’s Idea Recognition

RADHEE’s idea is a finalist out of 16000+ entries for Economic Times, Power of Idea 2010.

RADHEE’s core team members were given 12 days of extensive training at IIM,

Ahmedabad for development of RADHEE as self-sustainable organization. This was as a part of power of idea program to startups.

RAHDEE Program for Community and Corporate:

q Planning

q Disaster Preparedness and Planning

q Emergency Communication Plan

q Training

q First Aid

q Flood Rescue Training

q Fire Fighting and Fire Rescue Training

q Natural calamity Response and Training

Duration of program varies as per the topic selected.

For more information contact

Dr Rita Savla

Founder Director



Image credits: http://www.flickr.com/photos/soumik/35567424/