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Your own work of art

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We at “Reeta’s Revive” help you to Restore it so that you can walk tall.

Take the first step with us………..and choose to be healthy and fit.

Finding the right gym is that first step, because you want to be sure that:

It fits your personality so you will love to go there every day

It offers you total fitness – physical, mental and emotional.

It offers personalized care that is tailor made for your body.

Reeta’s Revive works on your Total Fitness – Gym, Cardio, Strength Training, Core Strengthening, Group Workouts, Yoga, Power Yoga, Zumba, Aerobics, Diet Counselling, Steam Room and above all Personal Attention.

CARDIO for burning that extra fat

WEIGHT TRAINING for toning and shape

CORE TRAINING for inner strength

ENJOY THE ENERGY of group workouts

FUNCTIONAL TRAINING FOR stability and mobility



Have FUN while exercising with ZUMBA & AEROBICS

OPT FOR customised workout regimens – A fusion of above for total wellbeing.

USE STEAM BATHS to open those blocked pores


About Us

“Reeta’s Revive” – A Gym with A HEART FOR COMPLETE WELLBEING.

Located in a secluded corner in the calm and pristine surroundings of Raheja Vihar away from noisy road side gyms.

In the last nine years, Reeta’s Revive has established itself as a leading fitness centre where people achieve their health goals. From losing or gaining weight, getting back in shape, managing medical conditions like frozen shoulder, stiffness of joints, lower back pain, spondylitis, asthma, blood pressure, diabetes & hormonal disorders like Thyroid, PCOD, Menopause.

About Reeta Sabhani

Reeta started her first fitness service in 2005 from home. Encouraged by the response, in 2006 she launched her signature brand “Reeta’s Revive” to make a difference in the fitness movement of urban India.

Her vision to help housewives regain their confidence by getting back in shape & being happy & healthy while still shouldering the family and domestic responsibilities. Soon others also started to join up, attracted by special attention which they received on joining. This led to members staying with her continuously for years!

This encouraged her to expand her gym from a small studion of 400 sq. feet to a sprawling gym spread across 3000 sq. feet space offering different exercise programs to suit members of different age groups and life styles.

Reeta’s extensive experience as a fitness trainer combined with certification as a Yoga instructor from Mumbai University,Power Yoga certification from Leena Mogre’s fitness academy, diet counseling and certification in Pranic Healing from GMCKS Manila, ensures that all fitness related services you need to achieve your health goals are available under one roof.

Reeta’s team of experienced & qualified trainers from premium fitness academies like K11, BFY, UK Fitness are also cast in the same mould.



It is not only about body building and heavy weights. It is complete toning of your body. It improves your posture and shape, at any age. Strength training is important at all ages because everyday of our lives we lose strength, bone and muscle mass. Strength Training also elevates endorphins (mood elevators) which will make you feel good and positive, help you sleep better thus improving overall quality of life.

It also helps you manage medical issues like arthritis, diabetes & heart conditions. It increases bone density in post-menopausal women thereby reducing risk of orthopedic complications. For seniors it helps them improve their coordination by strengthening muscles involved in physical activity.


Exercises that raise the heart rate and strengthen your muscle mass. Cardio exercises are highly recommended for the health of the body’s most important muscle—the heart.

Cardio, which is short for cardiovascular exercises, is essential in any exercising routine, to warm up the body. It increases your heart rate which dissipates pent up energy and aggression from the body. Cardio improves your metabolism, thus enhancing the body’s capacity to run other essential bodily functions and is the core of the exercise routine.

At Reeta’s Revive we create a variety of exercises in the cardio routine to suit all ages and to bring in the fun element to keep you energized. Cardio is no longer a boring treadmill or cycling or cross training only.


Everybody is unique and requires different workout regimens depending on body type, age & personality, health objectives, etc. We also look at your time schedule and body capacity to design personalized programs which focuses on that part of the body which needs attention. In addition your trainer considers your likes and dislikes to overall deliver an exercise program that fits in with your taste. We believe that a schedule you are happy about is more likely to deliver the results of your liking. The workouts are changed frequently to surprise you and pull your body out of its slumber.

Since 60% of the results depend on what you eat, therefore Reeta works out a special healthy & balanced eating schedule for you keeping in mind your daily activity schedule and cultural preferences.

Workouts and diet are synchronized regularly depending on what your health goals are for eg. Bodybuilding, losing or gaining weight, improving strength, stamina, flexibility.


It is about training the body for activities otherwise performed in daily life. These build your capacity for doing your daily activities. We give you simple exercises which help you to improve grip, mobility, flexibility and stability. The difficult level is gradually stepped up to ensure that more and more of your muscles are brought into play helping you do daily functions in a better way.

Simple gadgets like strength bands, tera bands, swiss ball and medicine ball are used for this category of free exercises.


Our various group workouts are great way to have fun while exercising and keep boredom at bay. This helps you to stick to your exercising regimen. Consistency in exercising is key to achieving your health goals and it does wonders for your social life as well – giving you a double dose of endorphins, the hormones responsible for making you feel positive about life. This feeling that follows a run or a group workout, also called “runner's high,” gives you a reservoir of positivity and energy which lasts you the full day.

Studies indicate that people who exercise in groups regularly:

Feel less stressed,

Remove negative mind blocks,

Enhance personal power


We follow the Patanjali school of Yogic exercises a practical science intended to help practitioners become aware of the nature of their body and mind.

Yoga is not only about asanas, Suryanamaskar, Pranayam and meditation. It is about creating and sustaining sync between MIND, BODY & SOUL. It reduces stress & tension in physical body by activating the parasympathetic nervous system.


It is a fantastic style of combining physical, mental & spiritual benefits of yoga. We offer a vigorous approach to VINYASA style yoga which was originally modelled on the Ashtang yoga method.

Power Yoga moves more quickly than regular yoga giving higher cardio output, strengthens joints, tones muscles. Done regularly and with guidance, it enables weight loss, strengthens core muscles and results in overall wellbeing.


Zumba is an exhilarating, effective, easy to follow Latin-inspired high energy calorie burning workout. It involves dance & aerobic elements incorporating hip-hop, salsa, samba, mambo & merengue. It is a fun workout performed to the beats of Latin music.


A happy combination of dance and workout helps in improving heart health and the entire cardiovascular system. It increases endurance and decreases risk of diabetes, heart disease. Manages stress and anxiety.

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