Recommendations on Chilli's

This week, I have been eating a lot of Pizza’s coursey Pizza Hut’s innovative promotion of sending free vouchers to Kotak and Airtel customers, but then I thought I will try out “Chilli’s”  for once!! to try the American way of Life( food in particular).  I heard from friends that the menu was on the pricier side, but the quanity more than justified, and being a light eater I stuck to Salad and Soup. But I had a few interesting feedbacks from facebook freinds about the place ( Thank you all my facebooks friends! love you) , so that would share it on this website. Btw the ambience rocks and a nice place for an after work drink.


Nirav Gheewala order one dish at a time…their portions are really huge….


  • Powai Info Just realized it, this is not the place to come alone to eat. Though I stuck to soup and salad.
  • Taru Kapoor Talwar have the fajita its nice and so are the salads

  • Balvinder Singh good stuff..but mostly fried.

  • Anuradha W Ramachandran Try their Margaritas – ESP dur happy hour !
  • Savita Govilkar I love Chillis. I like their frozen Mocktails and cocktails. Food too is tasty. And large helpings. We usually order 2 dishes for 3 for light eaters in fact 2 for 4 too may be ok. Starters are yummy..MAny dishes come with rice and Tortia.. and turn out to be very filling..

  • Gumnaam Kudi I like the food…. veg fajita with coriander dressing is awesome. Also, they have some, spot the glass game… which if u can find, you get a free drink…. 🙂