Is your inner Tarzan fed up of the concrete jungle and pines to be in the midst of greenery? Well, how about a ‘Rainforest’ in your neighbourhood mall? A simulated rainforest, not the real one. But good enough for a ‘wild’ experience.

The Rainforest Resto-Bar does its bit in ushering in a trend of theme-based chain of restaurants. Coming in from the bright lights of the mall, your eyes immediately take some time to adjust to the subdued forest-by-night lighting of the restaurant. You cross a miniature wooden bridge over rippling water to get to the main seating area.

Once your eyes adjust to the dim surroundings, you notice jungle creepers (artificial) hanging over the faux-rock walls around a huge projector TV. The friendly waiters help you to choose your seats, giving you a choice of three seating areas. The food menu highlights Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisines. Seafood is highly recommended here. Also, an impressive drinks menu with some very interesting mocktails apart from the usual fresh lime soda and iced tea options. The prices are between moderate to expensive.

The staff lets you know if there’s a freebie floating around. A unique concept: light knobs on each table to summon the waiters over if you need anything.

All in all, it doesnt matter whether you’re taking just a few friends or your entire extended family over there, the experience is worth it. The ambience coupled with good but not out of the ordinary food is the real crowd-puller. Plus, being in this Rainforest is as close as it gets to the real one minus the mosquitoes, the wild animals and the burnt food over an amateurish campfire. Not to forget the click of a button to summon your personal genie.

Rainforest Resto-bar at Rcity Mall


T-20, Level-3, R City Mall, LBS Marg,

Ghatkopar West, Mumbai – 400086

Contact: 91 – 9821196270

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