[quote]Maggi takes 2 minutes, ever imagined of getting a food deal code in two minutes and that too free![/quote]

DialYummy.com is the latest and instant food offer portal for the Powai foodies. The Hiranandani folks and aficionados who are excited about this service are saying just call 6464 7272, you get a free deal code on the go in a jiffy and in the end you get to save a good amount too, beat that! [While some making the best out of ‘Dial Yummy .com ’, they reach the restaurant, find a cozy table for themselves, dial 6464 7272 and instantly get a deal code]

This 3 month old portal gives absolutely free food experiences and offers to its customers over telephone and through website. ‘DialYummy.com’ is here for now to change the traditional food deal/offer market with its ‘Free . Easy . Instant’ motto and it still maintains its exclusivity to food and restaurants sector.

Started by two ex IT engineers from the Kensington, DialYummy.com has got to offer a lot more than from what one thinks from their first look. Web portal www.dialyummy.com is simple, suave and intuitive unlike other typical deal sites which take you through annoying forms and registration formalities to even view the current offers.

On the contrary DialYummy.com encourages users to download deal code without any registration formalities. One of the best features that Dial Yummy provides is ‘phone-a-deal’, where in you can call them, and in seconds you receive offer code on the go at your mobile (Mind it, no internet needed). Surprisingly you get assistance for a restaurant search too. The most important thing is repetitive visits to restaurants by customers via Dial Yummy will make them eligible to enjoy higher discounts than displayed on the site. Dial Yummy also serves its customers by planning their parties with best in town prices and without any hassles. The Plan-a-Party feature is so handy that it can arrange different kind of parties for a group of 20 or more without any mayhem. Currently Dial Yummy is expanding across Mumbai and hopefully they go places.

[box size=”large” style=”rounded”]Their founders believe in saying “I am not a glutton i am an explorer of food” and hence say, why one should pay for deal when they are paying for their food?  Why should they hunt a cyber cafe when they should be looking for a resto? And if they buy the deal, it takes away the freedom of exploring instant options. Are some questions which made them start this portal and provide the customers with a free and instant deal platform.[/box]