Yesterday, at work, in the evening I decided to walk to freshen up for a break, and I was also famished so thought I might grab a light dinner.

After walking in Hiranandani for some time I realised I had left my wallet back at my friend’s place and didn’t have any cash or card on me, but I didn’t want to go back all the way to fetch my wallet.

Since I was carrying my phone, I remembered I had an account with Quick-Wallet ( A Powai-based startup). Quick-wallet showed that the Powai subway for the closest QSR to me.

QWSSI went to Subway and asked the cashier Amul if it was ok to pay by Quick-Wallet. He said “Sure”, but for some reason, the payment wouldn’t go through.

I requested Amul; that is it okay if I pay cash later since the app was giving me payment failure even after trying multiple times.The extremely courteous subway staff Amul said it was okay. Meanwhile, I added another card to my quick wallet account (as I remember my card number) and made the payment; I also got some 12 Rs cash back. So I managed to have my dinner without carrying any cash or card on me.

Isn’t this beautiful? We are soon reaching a possibility where we can leave our wallets and cards home and just walk with our mobile phones.

Have you used Quick-wallet? Or do you have any such experience with QW or other mobile payment options? Let me know in the comments below.