QI spine rehabilitation wins where surgery & regular physiotherapy fails

QI spine rehabilitation wins where surgery & regular physiotherapy fails

Back pain has always been amongst the most challenging chronic pain conditions to treat globally. Published medical studies over the last 10 years have concluded that painkillers, surgery and even regular physiotherapy have failed to cure this problem that affects 8 out of 10 people during their lifetime. If you suffer from frequent or severe back pain, understanding your spine is the first step to recovery. Watch this video to understand the cause of back pain.

A multidisciplinary team of pro-conservative spine surgeons, specialised spine physiotherapists, and physical medicine doctors have come together in this pioneering medical service to offer a back pain patient the very highest standard of medical care & spinal rehabilitation at QI Spine Clinic. With 11 clinics in Mumbai alone, QI Spine Clinic has treated over 47000 patients.

I was an Ankylosing Spondilitis (AS) patient.Two years back I was in very bad condition with back pain and pain in thighs .I could’nt stand,sit and walk for more then 5-10 minutes.Could’nt perform simple daily activities and my painting and other hobbies had taken backseat..Social life was nil.After taking physiotherapy at several places without any results,luckily I came to know about Qi Spine Clinic.I took treatment in Qi spine clinic and now I have recovered from severe pain.And I have got my life back. At Qi spine treatment method is different and it definetly gives results”

Namita Pramod , an Ankolysing Spondylistis patient who recovered without surgery.

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About QI spine clinic India’s first medical service dedicated to Spine rehabilitation by highly specialised Spine Physiotherapists.Our New isolation technology , advanced clinical knowledge and precision treatment have prevented 5161 surgeries so far.

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