My book picture Profile of Pushpendra Mehta: Pushpendra Mehta attained a Masters degree from the prestigious Northwestern University, USA, with an emphasis on marketing communications. Upon completion of his academic sojourn, Pushpendra authored a non-fiction book “The Game of Life & Relationships: Few Are Prepared” that was published in USA in 2006. Suzie Housley, a prominent book reviewer in US adjudged his book as the best non-fiction book of the month for May 2006.  Pushpendra’s book provides over 100 insights to bring happiness, love and harmony in people’s lives and relationships. He has donned several roles – author, writer, journalist, consultant and now a new age entrepreneur. Pushpendra has traveled extensively, consulting on relationships management, business strategy, marketing and communications across Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America and UK.

Currently lives in Hiranandani gardens , Powai.

Read about his book “The Game of Life and Relationships Few are prepared”