Pt. Shivkumar(hindustani classical vocalist)

Shivkumar has been gifted with a melodious and resonant voice with a natural and effortless range.
His main features of singing is suberb exposition of Ragas followed by equally gorgeous bandishes and taans which makes his recital always memorable to the sensitive audieimagence.
he combines a fine blend of tradition and creativity in his singing style.
The essence of his performance is the beautiful concord between melody and the rhythm.
The total effect of his rendering is both delighting and appealing.
He caresses your mind with the sweet voice , leading you in to worlds of ultimate pleasure , beauty and peace.

His soulful Bhajan concerts gives heiling experiens to the emotional audience.
Shivkumar is a performing artist of rare sensitivity and versatality.

Totally dedicated to music,Shivkumar is a regular artist of All India Radio and Television.

A regular performer of Hindustani Classical Khayal, Semi Classical as Thumari, Dadra, Devotional Music as, Sanskrit Bhajans, Hindi Bhajans, Nirguni Bhajans/Sufi, Marathi Bhajans – Marathi Natyasangeet , Bhavgeet , Kannada Bhajans, Konkani Geet etc…..
Shivkumar also Teaches all this form of Indian Music.

Shivkumar is the Founder and President of
SWAR – Foundation. – which works for the promotion of Indian Music Art & Culture all over .