Monthly Deal

25,000.00 5,000.00

What you get –

  1. 10 posts on Facebook and Instagram every month
  2. 4 posts on Twitter every month
  3. 1 SEO optimised article on website and promoted on social media.


Advertising worth Rs 25000 for only Rs 5000/-

Dear Business Owner,

You should be focussing on your core business activity and not be spending time on facebook and twitter for yourself. A good experienced social media manager for your brand costs Rs 40000 a month upwards.

We have been working hard for the last 10 years to create a community where brands like yours could reach out to potential buyers. If Powai is your market, then stop wasting your time on social media and let be your marketing media.

Exclusive Offer till 30th November only.

For this we are offering you a starter pack deal which is worth Rs 25000/- Find below the details

Pricing Quote - Advertising Assets worth Rs 25000 for Rs 5000

Name Cost
10 posts on Facebook every month 12000
10 posts on Instagram every month 8000
4 posts on Twitter every month 2000
One SEO optimised article per month 3000
Total 25000
Discount Amount 20000
Total Discounted Price 5000

Terms & Conditions

  • We need a minimum commitment of three months from you.
  • Amount payable Rs 5000/ in advance every month.

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