Powai recently got a new one way street. The often congested stretch from Blue Bell CHS, near SM Shetty school junction, up to Powai Plaza has been declared a one way street by traffic police. Signboards have been erected to advise people of this change. However, it seems that nobody is following the traffic rules. So what’s the problem? Have people not noticed the new rules, or don’t they care?

Vexed resident Sudhir Shetty says, “…I still find vehicles coming from all the directions. Moreover, the SM Shetty junction also bears a signboard banning the entry of heavy vehicles but I find water tankers and trucks loaded with heavy construction materials plying on this route.”

He further added, “Considering the presence of the school in the vicinity it is very dangerous, in fact the heavy vehicles have made the area accident prone. I don’t think putting up one way sign boards will serve the purpose because there are no cops to fine or keep a watch in the area,” he pointed out.

Interestingly, the Central Avenue Road also has sign boards which mentions parking on only one side of the road. Residents like prof Chanda K state, “In spite of these signboards, we find vehicles are being haphazardly parked on both sides of the road. The one way scheme is a good initiative but it is useless without proper implementation.”

Srinivas Sirigeri, from Jago India Movement, (JIM) a citizen initiated movement in Powai says, “We had highlighted the problem of traffic congestion to our MLA Naseem Khan. After pursuing the issue for so many months finally the traffic police have woken up and have declared the road as one way.

But it has not served the purpose as vehicles are entering from all the sides. We will therefore write to the commissioner of traffic police, as the menace still continues. The situation will improve only if there are cops present at the site to fine the offenders.”

Sanjay N, senior inspector from Saki Naka traffic division under whose jurisdiction the road falls, when contacted maintained, “We have received several complaints from residents regarding the traffic congestion that is why we have declared the road as one way with parking of vehicles on one side of the road.” He further assured, “We are serious about the implementation, our beat marshals will regularly monitor the area and we will ensure that vehicles parked on the wrong side are towed away.”

Article based on news report in the Times of Mulund-Powai.