Learn from the professionals.

This is the first time in Powai , an international DJ/Music producer is hosting this special class for the residents of Powai.

This is not just a regular DJ coaching institute, you will be learning from a London certified trainer. B-Projekt is our guest tutor for this particular campaign in Powai.

B-Projekt is a Mumbai based DJ formerly known as DJ Bunty , has signed up with the worlds largest music label , Universal Music Group to release his debut album “Blindfolded” which features UK & USA sensational singers Juggy D from the Rishi Rich & Jay Sean clan , G-Deep & Master Rakesh from the Kagna Fame.

Visit :- www.bprojekt.com for more info.

Whether you’re taking your first steps as a DJ or are a professional looking to further hone your skills, this intensive course is designed to provide long-lasting results in a short time. The sessions are mostly practical mixing & basic theory. Particular attention is given to those critical elements that make the difference between just mixing and being a great DJ: the importance of the play list, the role of the DJ, the relationship with audience, career opportunities and more.

About Musical Styles

The techniques covered in this course apply to any musical style, but we make every effort to provide a course that is as specific as possible to the individual interests of our students. When you apply for a course we ask about your musical preferences, and will book you in a class with the right DJ for that style. Moreover, you’re welcome to bring your own CDs, and the one-to-one teaching guarantees you get all the attention you need. The outline below applies to those with little or no experience of mixing, but more advanced students can determine their own schedule.

We have courses:-

  1. Basic DJ
  2. Advance DJ – Digital DJ
  3. Music Production

Contact: – 9820556084 / Email: prodjmumbai@gmail.com

Our courses outline is as follows: –

  1. Basic DJ Course:

This is the ideal course for a beginner who wants to explore his / her creativity in this field.

  • Equipment
  • CD’s
  • Basic music theory
  • Mixing Tools
  • Monitoring
  • Mixing & Blending music
  • Dj decisions
  • Business
  • Mp3’s
  • Checklist

Course code:                    DJ-101

Course name:                  Basic DJ

Course duration:          1 month      + until the student is satisfied.

Supervised study:        12 hours (2wice in a week, 2 hrs per class).

Class size:                          one to one.

  1. Advance DJ: –

Course Overview

  • Learn to DJ from digital mp3s using software like Rane Serato (Industry Standard).
  • Tips & tricks with using your laptop & CD decs. (A blend between Hardware & Software.)
  • Make crates & play lists in Serato.
  • Make Sets for your gig / show.
  • Song library management.
  • Using various samples & effects in Serato.

Course code:                    ADJ-101

Course name:                  Advance DJ

Course duration:          1 month      + until the student is satisfied.

Supervised study:        8 hours (2wice in a week, 1 hr per class).

Class size:                          one to one.