GIVING A few morsels to some stray dogs is a practice many follow. However, few actually walk the extra mile to ensure all-round development of the despised canines in their locality. If you thought that wasn’t possible, here’s presenting Anuja Dwivedi of Shrishti Complex in Powai, who takes care of more than two dozen street dogs in her area.


It is not the fact that she feeds them daily that’s worthy of note. What Anuja — a housewife — does is that she extends a human touch to her relationship with the dogs.

A firm believer that stray dogs if properly sterilised do not pose a threat to humans, has taken it upon herself to inform the BMC every time she spots new dogs. How she goes about it is more interesting. She first befriends the dogs, feeds them over some time, insinuates herself into their confidence and then informs the civic officials.

"I take the dogs and place them in the van myself. Since sterilisation requires almost a week-long hospitalisation, I keep track of the dogs and enquire about their health and whether they are being properly fed," Anuja said.

"Dogs never bite if they aren’t hungry. Feed them and dogs can be your best friend. Give them the love and see for yourself," said the kind woman who runs a creche in her home, which bolsters her financially enabling her to extend her kindness to the animal world.











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